Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smallmouths & Super 8 Steaks

How we ended up grilling steaks in the Super 8 parking lot is sort of a long story that has to do with arrival times, cell signal dead spots and closed campground gates. More significant is that our steaks and our grilled asparagus tasted really good, and that it was actually quite fun grilling by the light of the Super 8 sign and tailgating in the parking lot on a pretty fall evening.

The Super 8 camp out fell between and afternoon of smallmouth fishing and a morning of squirrel hunting high on an East Tennessee ridge and doing a bit more fishing in the Nolichucky River. We only caught a few bass and the squirrels stayed hidden, but we had a good time stomping up the river and sneaking through the woods. The hunting outing also provided really good learning for Nathaniel and me and a good foundation for trips we'll soon do on our own.

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