Friday, April 19, 2013

Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

If Nathaniel and I fail to deliver images or video clips when the fish start biting, it's surely not due to a lack of cameras. The camera arsenal includes a new waterproof Pentax that allows us each to have one handy when we're wading or floating and really cool pair of i-KAM XTREME sunglasses, which have a built in video camera right in the center.

The cameras (not all of which are pictured) almost seem like overkill, but they really do all have different jobs. The Canon SLRs still get the most work, but the weatherproof cameras stay ever handy and help me get way more photos in streams. The GoPro gets video from Nathaniel's head and is also cool for extreme wide angle, water-level shots. Our phones allow for immediate posting on blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and the glasses can film everything that goes on and are apt to get us some really cool footage of things like topwater strikes.

The big challenge, of course, is bringing and keeping up with all the corresponding power cords and memory cards and getting cameras recharged and images downloaded at night. However, I'll take the challenges for the opportunities these cameras will provide.

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