Saturday, April 20, 2013

Travel Prep

Today is al about packing and prepping stuff for a week on the road. Tasks range from gathering gear for at least three different kinds of fishing to making certain camera batteries are charged and memory cards are cleared. I'm mostly working in a triangle, going from bedroom to office to basement, but occasional satellite missions take me to the truck with stuff that's fully gathered or even to the store, post office or money machine. Fortunately, I'm up-to-speed on deadlines, so I'm not trying to squeeze in writing between other stuff.

Nathaniel and I leave tomorrow for Tennessee to fish a couple of days on Center Hill, Old Hickory and/or Priest for bass, crappie, bream and whatever else might happen to bite, but as of now I'm thinking we'll blast out dark and early and do some trout fishing in the North Carolina mountains along the way. From Tennessee, we'll steer west, to Arkansas, where we'll spend a few days fishing in the Ozarks. Two of those days will be on the Buffalo River, water levels allowing, float-fishing for smallmouth bass. One day might find us in another trout stream.

We'll wrap up the trip with a day in Mountain View, Arkansas at the Dulcimer Jamboree. No fishing plans there. Just a day of good music and time with friends.

Then it's back to Georgia and back to writing fish stories.

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