Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'll take a Pymatuning Tough Day

Lots of grumbling today -- both about the wintery mid-May weather and about the slow bite. I gotta say, though, that I've spent some pretty long days on various legendary fishing waters and caught 10 less fish than I caught today, and no grumbles about the bite came from my mouth. I had a wonderful time fishing and learned a great deal from anglers Jim Hall and Ernie Pate.

Of course, the variety that Pymatuning produces continues to amaze me. We brought five different species of fish into the boat I was in this morning, despite an unusually slow bite, and one boat in our group reported seven species from the same morning shift.

I also enjoy the character of Pymatuning and the opportunity to cast to plentiful visible cover.

Tomorrow I leave shallow and stained water behind to fish the deep clear waters of Conneaut Lake, which is nothing like Pymatuning, despite being only about 15 miles from here. Primary targets are smallmouth bass and bluegill, but we'll see what wants to bite!

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