Thursday, May 16, 2013

Western PA Buffet

A hard front that brought two days of mid-May snow and a sharp drop in water temperatures definitely had an adverse effect on the bite while I was in Western Pennsylvania. Even so, I caught seven different species of fish in 2 1/2 days on the water, and several members of the group I was with caught that many kinds of fish or more. The diversity and quality of the fisheries at Pymatuning, Conneaut and Shenango River lakes just astounds me.

Fish catch aside, the three lakes are all very different from one another in character, and I enjoyed time in the boat on all three and in a cabin on the banks of Pymatuning Lake at night.

Folks from our group fished a big variety of ways to find success. My most productive lures by far were a Road Runner Natural Science head matched with a Bobby Garland Stroll'R or a tiny Skippy Fish and a Road Runner Pro Marabou 2.0. Both vertical and horizontal presentations produced a good share of my catch.

Of course when I get home I'll have to pull out the 2013 catch list to do a bit of updating. I believe three of the species I caught this week will add to this year's tally.

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