Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ice Stories

Funny. Today has been one of the first days this spring that it has felt pretty hot around here. Not terrible, but clearly summer-like. So what have I done all day? Edited writing for a Kindle book about ice strategies that I'm putting together. That's sort of the nature of the outdoor writing business, though. A lot of what I'm working on at any given time is for magazines that will come out several months later. So when it's hot, I'm writing about winter white bass jigging or maybe ice fishing. When it's cold, I'm writing about mid-summer stuff.

Of course, I guess the ice writing isn't really that odd. In northern Minnesota, where I enjoy some of my ice adventures, some lakes have only been open for a week or two! And I know I have a couple of friends up north who are already mourning the melting of the ice and looking forward to next season!

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