Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Tips: Rise & Shine

An early-season tip posted on this page suggested sleeping a little later on fishing days, letting the sun do its warming work and focusing efforts on the afternoon hours. Well, that was then, and this is now. With spring solidly in place and summer just around the bend, it's time to get up before the cows and to be on the water and in casting position by first light. As water temperatures rise, most kinds of fish feed more aggressively at first light. Last light is the next best daytime period, but given the choice, go early.

Along with feeding more better, most fish are more apt to take topwater lures early in the morning, Their surface feeding behavior, in addition to offering big fun, provides locational clues that can help you pattern the fish later in the morning, after the fishing becomes more challenging. Of course, if you're fishing public waterways with significant pleasure boating activity, getting out early helps you beat the skiers to the water. And as summer progresses, it helps you beat the heat of the day and be more comfortable.

Stepping beyond the practical, it's simply nice being on the water when while the fog lingers, the sun hang slow and the frogs, bugs and birds trade choruses.

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