Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Stuff Revealed Soon

Well, it's almost that time. I'm in the Atlanta airport, through security, waiting to fly to Las Vegas in a couple of hours. Long travel day. It's a direct flight, which I'm thankful for, but it's still a four-hour flight and it takes it takes quite a while to get through the Las Vegas airport mess and to the hotel.

Enough travel mumbles, though. Beginning with a press conference at 4:00 (Las Vegas time) and then the New Product Showcase preview reception soon after, I'll get to start seeing the cool new stuff - sone of which ive heard about but much of which I know nothing about at this point. After that its three days on the ICAST and fly show floors, talking with folks and learning what's coming next year.

I'm especially eager to see the new Boo rigs from BOOYAH, which look like they'll take the while multi-rig trend to some new places; plus various electronics advancements, some of which I've already talked about. I'm also looking forward to putting my hands on various new rods and reels that I have been hearing about.

A lot of my blogs over the next few days might be very quick, but I'll try to keep things flowing as I learn about things that I think are extra cool.

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