Monday, July 8, 2013

Strangely Skimpy Bags

One major reason why I prefer driving for most of my travel is that that my trips tend to call for a lot of gear. Beyond necessary foul-weather gear and layers of clothing for different conditions that might be encountered over several days, I normally need a Pelican Case stuffed with camera gear and my computer. And while it usually isn't completely necessary, I far prefer to carry some of my own rods and reels, tackle boxes and baits for most fishing I do. Even when I fly, I normally tote a large duffel that's fairly stuffed, a computer bag filled with papers, computers and cords and a camera box. Simply because of weather variables, I almost never can get away with only carry-on luggage.

"Almost" is the key word and this week is the exception. I'll be inside throughout the ICAST, and I really only need one kind of clothes since the show is the trip's entire function. Since it's in Las Vegas, I don't even need a sweatshirt. I will need my computer and a few papers, but even the camera needs are covered by my phone and a point-and-shoot camera that fits easily in a computer bag pocket. No Pelican Case needed for this trip. I sort of think the last time I flew without need to check a bag was to another ICAST show a few years ago!

Actually, the biggest single item I'm carrying to ICAST is another bag. I have a soft duffel stuffed inside my carry-on so I can tote home press materials. That allows me to go straight to work when I get home instead of having to wait on a courier. Travel home won't be nearly as free and easy with a checked bag loaded with catalogs and press releases, so I suppose I'd better enjoy the light load tomorrow!


  1. Yup I travel with a half empty suitcase out there now so I can travel back with a full one.