Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trout Ahead of the Crowd

Nathaniel and I had only been to Dry Run Creek on weekdays, and we wondered how crowded it might get on a Saturday. It was the only day we could manage a visit on this trip, though, and we just can't drive through the northern part of Arkansas without paying a visit to Nathaniel's favorite special regulations trout stream.

We arrived about 7:00, which was about as early as we could manage, given our full travel plan, and found only a single group, which included a couple of boys and a fly guide. They were camped out on what's probably the best overall hole, but that was OK. Nathaniel has spots he really likes all along the stream. He prioritized spots in order to hit several favored holes before others arrived and moved around a lot.

The strategy was sound, producing three species of trout and one really nice cutthroat. And by late morning, multiple families had the small stream pretty crowded, so Nathaniel left them with the trout, content to have enjoyed a nice morning.

I did eye the Norfork tailwater, which is right beside Dry Run, but it was pretty crowded too. plus they blew the horn while we were looking ay it, meaning the water was about to rise. We decided to start toward home.

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