Sunday, October 27, 2013

Closer-to-Home Eufaula

Until I was asked which Lake Eufaula I was headed toward this week I hadn't stopped to think about the odd fact that while I've spent several days fishing on Oklahoma's Lake Eufaula, which is 825 miles from my North Georgia home, I've never fished a day on the nearer Lake Eufaula, which straddles the Georgia/Alabama border and is only 250 miles from here. Making it even more unusual that I've never fished the nearer Eufaula, it's one of the South's true classic bass fishing lakes and in fact is commonly called "the bass fishing capital of the world."

I've been there once to do a brief photo shoot and attend a tournament weigh-in, but I didn't fish at all and didn't actually even go out on the lake. So it's almost like I've never even been there.

I'm fixing that this week. I leave this afternoon, in fact, to drive four hours to Lakepoint State Park in Eufaula, Alabama. Today's plan includes arrival and settling in and then meeting and eating dinner with with other folks who are part of the trip, which is being hosted by the Alabama Bass Trail. Fishing begins tomorrow morning.

My understanding is that Eufaula is largely a structure lake, but I don't know a tremendous amount about how it fishes. With two and half days of fishing time planned this week, I look forward to learning much more about the fishing. I'm also looking forward to spending a bit of time in a boat with Aaron Martens and Russ Lane, neither of whom I've ever fished with before. Hopefully I will have some good fish stories to tell by Wednesday afternoon when I point the truck north again.

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