Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday Outing & Big Brother's Bonus Bass

Nathaniel says he got the present when he took his younger brother Asher on a bass fishing outing for Asher's birthday. In truth the outing itself was a great gift for Asher, now 9, and he did catch a bass of his own, which he unhooked by himself with just a bit of brotherly coaching. And Nathaniel even let Asher drive the boat a bit for added fun.

Nathaniel did get a gift of his own when a big bass decided to eat a little worm and served up a pretty serious tussle on 8-pound test and medium spinning gear. The boys estimated Nathaniel's bass to weigh about 8 pounds, and having looked at several photos, I think that's a good guess. It had a huge mouth and was thick bodied and well conditioned.

The fish hit a 4-inch Green Pumpkin YUM Mighty Worm, rigged on a Jewel Squirrel Head and fished on a Lew's Laser SL Speed Stick combination and 8-pound-test line.

As soon as Nathaniel hooked the fish and realized it was a good one, he slipped the camera off his neck and gave it to Asher (which I appreciate), and Asher did a nice job of documenting the fight, along with getting some good hold-up shots of Nathaniel with the fish before they slipped it back into the pond. Since I can use some of those photos with my stories, you could say that I too get a present from Asher's birthday bass fishing outing, and I wasn't even there!

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