Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Evening Pond Double Header

As chronicled in yesterday's post, Roscoe the lizard, low water and minimal bass action characterized our Sunday evening beaver pond stop. The beaver pond has dropped so low this summer that getting in and out and getting around to fish have gotten pretty challenging, so we decided to slide Nathaniel's johnboat into the back of the truck and move it to the upper pond.

It wasn't quite dark when we did moved the boat, so I suggested that we might need to make one quick lap around the upper pond. "Oh, I was already planning on that," Nathaniel said with a smile.

Good plan.

Although none of the fish were very large, both bluegills and bass were shallow and active, acting the way fish ought to act on a fall evening. We didn't count fish (Sorry Asher), but I'd guess we caught about a dozen fish in about 45 minutes. If it was 12 fish, that was 11 more than we caught from the beaver pond, so making it a pond double header definitely was the best decision.

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