Monday, October 7, 2013

Kentucky Lake Learning

Mark Rose had barely gotten words out of his mouth explaining how bass tend to behave during the fall and talking about where the fish should be when he set the hook into a chunky bass that gave credence to what he had been saying. Not that his words about bass need credence. In recent years Rose has established himself as one of the finest anglers on the FLW Tour, and big river impoundments like Kentucky Lake are his specialty. Still, it's fun to watch the bass cooperate and back his words.

I didn't fish today. Instead, I spent a full day learning about bass behavior and fishing tactics from top bass pros. It was a great day of learning and doing photo work on one of the finest bass lakes in the nation. Each of the four guys I spent time with provided a little different perspective, with all four giving me great material for stories.

Although we spoke mostly about tactics, I learned much more about the lake itself today -- thing that will help me with stories about Kentucky Lake and with future fishing trips. Both are good things because Kentucky Lake is a popular destination to write about, and it's also one of my favorite places to fish.

Tomorrow starts with more of the same, except with crappie pros instead of bass pros, but by late morning, Nathaniel and I will be bidding Kentucky Lake farewell and pointing the truck toward Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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