Saturday, October 5, 2013

Paris Fishing

OK. I'm talking about Paris, Tennessee. Of course, I probably don't need to say that. With that particular Paris being on the banks of Kentucky Lake, half the folks who read this blog might think about bass or crappie fishing on the big lake before the Eiffel Tower or other French landmarks when they hear mention of Paris. In truth -- exception if I were somehow afforded the opportunity to take my daughter Sarah to the across-the-pond Paris, I'd much rather be headed toward Fish Tales Lodge on Kentucky Lake than France.

Good thing. Truck will be pointed toward Tennessee tomorrow morning for a couple of days of fishing and photo work with the Strike King pro staff. I actually won't fish much and may not fish at all. It's a gathering of pros and writer for the purpose of shooting photos and videos, doing interviews and spending time with guys like Mark Rose, Kevin VanDam and Shaw Grigsby. I've attended the same annual event several times in the past and always drive a way with a lot of good material. Most is long term, for magazines, but watch for blogs about the outing, stories on FINS'nTALES, new videos on the YouTube channel and updates on my facebook page.

From Paris, I'm headed south toward Lake Charles, Louisiana, which is Cajun Country and therefore a more genuinely French culture. More on that to follow.

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