Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh So Ready to Make Some Casts

Since leaving home five days ago, Nathaniel and I have spent a tremendous amount of time watching other people fish, taking photos of fish and fishermen, eying waterways and talking about lures, rods, reels and fishing trips. Today we were even waterfront in Lake Charles, supposedly with redfish and speckled trout within casting distance of the shore.

Our full fishing day doesn't come until Sunday, but I think there might be a window or two tomorrow where we can get out for a few hours locally and cast from the shore or wade a little. Just in case, I'm rigged and ready with my starting offering and have a whole line-up behind it. Rumor has it Lake Charles is rich with baitfish that the trout like to chase around, so my starting pick is a BOOYAH Boo Rig matched with Strike King KVD Swim-n-shiner a on a 1/4-ounce Egret Baits jighead. Lures waiting in the wings include a Bomber 14A, an Egret Baits Bayou Chub and a Vudu Shrimp.

Early Sunday we're moving just south of here to spend a day on Lake Calcasieu with Calcasieu Charter Service. Word has it that Big Lake, as Calcasieu is often known, has been producing great mixed catches of redfish, trout, sheepshead and more, with some good quality fish in the mix. I've fished there before, but it has been several years, so I'm eager to fish it again.

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