Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Tips: Finding Fish that are on the Move

Fall is a transition time.

How many times have you heard that? It gets said a lot because for many kinds of fish it is true. But what exactly does that mean to you as a fishermen, and how do you use that truth to help you catch more fish? The simple answer is that with the season changing, the fish are moving from one place to another, so you need to be wise about searching for them.

With bass in reservoirs, as an example, the early fall move often is from main-lake structure up creeks and onto flats, usually behind shad, which are also on the move. Other fish might move up rivers, move from deep holes to shoals, move from the beaches to inside water, or make other types of moves.

Your job as a fisherman is to learn enough about the fish's behavior to know where they are leaving and where they are headed and then identify the highways in-between. Often the highways are either breaklines, which follow creek or river arms and offer access to deep and shallow water, or points, which bridge deep areas and shallow areas, proving structure at the whole range of depths in-between.

Once you've figured out the highways the fish are apt to be using, you just have to figure out where they are along those roads, which can be accomplished by riding and searching with electronics, using fishing strategies that allow you to cover water and search with your lures, or, for the best of both worlds, you can troll or cast fast-moving search lures while keeping the boat in motion AND keep a constant eye on your electronics.

Whatever strategy you select, where you find one fish, you're apt to find many more because fish on the go commonly travel in packs.

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