Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bit of Snow and a Pretty Rainbow

Yesterday at this time I was finishing a few things at home and debating whether to head for the mountains on a trout quest.  Weather rolling into the area looked like it might bring ice and severely limit our options.

As it turned out we did make the trip, and Nathaniel and I only wish we'd debated and tarried less. We arrived with only a couple of hours to fish before dark and found flurries of snow and very dark skies ahead of the front -- perfect conditions for big trout.

Nathaniel managed to land one beautiful rainbow that was probably about 20 inches and he hooked another of comparable size and saw a few big fish in the water. I only landed a single brown in our short afternoon outing but I had several other chances.

This morning the front has pushed through, and its cold and crisp. Fourteen degrees when I first looked this morning. Up to 18 now. We'll let.the sun and the temperature creep a little higher before we head for the river. I'm still not certain whether we'll head for the familiar and very nearby Nantahala or a section of Big Snowbird Creek that I've not yet tried. I suppose I'll have to decide soon!

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