Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Better Bring the Gloves (or Stay Home)

Western North Carolina forecast calls for an overnight low in the bottom of the 20s or upper teens(possible record low for the date), ushered in by a brisk north wind. Chilly for standing knee deep in a mountain river, but I figure that's why we have quality cold-weather gear. I know Nathaniel can handle the cold because he spent a late November day out there with me five years ago, when it was 17 degrees at starting time, and he was only 10 years old at the time. And then there was the ice trout excursion in Colorado when the huge cold front pushed through!

I'm admittedly hopeful that today's forecast of afternoon rain and snow showers, followed by hard cold, will lessen the number of other folks standing in the creek. I don't really mind other folks, and I know they have every bit as much right to be in the stream as I do. Still, I can't deny that I prefer less company when I'm trout fishing.

Plans are to spend some time fishing the Nantahala River (which, of course, is a highly popular stream this time of year and doesn't lend itself to much solitude). We also plan to explore a section of Big Snowbird Creek that was just added to the Delayed Harvest program this year. I'm eager to visit Big Snowbird, which is located just outside of Robbinsville in Graham County.

All that said, we may not go at all. I'm still watching the ever-evolving forecast. I truly don't mind the cold, but I don't want to drive two hours to spend half of tomorrow sitting in a motel room, waiting for ice to melt on the driveway so I can fish a few hours.

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