Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bugs in My Head

I've been designing some really cool hand-tied jigs lately. So far, the good ones remain in my head because I lack the materials and tying skills to create the bugs that I'm envisioning.

I have pulled out my vice and tying tools and materials (which are pretty limited) and have experimented a bit. I've also watched a few fly-tying videos that show some of the skills I'll need to acquire and have ordered a few specific kinds of materials.

So far my hand-tied bugs, which are micro jigs or custom Road Runners, not flies) have all been ugly, but I have gotten fish to at least swipe at them. When I start actually creating lures that look even kind of like what I'm picturing (or maybe if I can fools a fish with an ugly one) I'll start posting pictures. For now, they're just bugs in my head.

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