Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Couldn't Not Go Fishing

High, muddy water from yesterday's all-day rain, 38-degree air, and northwest winds blowing 20 and gusting higher all suggested that today was a day to stay home. So what did we do? Of course, we went fishing. We didn't fish terribly long. Maybe an hour and a half. The sun had come out, though, and we'd gotten it in our heads that today was a pond day, so it seemed the only way to get that out of our system was indeed to go fishing.

The wind made boat control a challenge and the fish bit about the way I would have expected, giventhe chocolate milk water (one bite). I did really like the one fish that I caught because it ate one of my Ugly Bugs, which is what I like to call the jigs I've been tying lately. Specifically, the fish ate a Road Runner tied with dark Flashabou and a bit of marabou in its tail and some dark but shiny chenille for a body.

I actually don't think all my Ugly Bugs are ugly, and I'm looking forward to taking some of them to a trout stream some time soon! We also may hit the pond again Friday, and the water should be a better color and the wind is supposed to be gone. Both would be good things.

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