Monday, November 25, 2013

Craft Store Gems

Officially, my wife and I were shopping for my daughter, picking up art supplies from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The fur and feathers that caught my eye wouldn't go into Sarah's art. To me, they looked like bodies and tails for flies and jigs.

Actually, the packages looked a lot like the ones that hang from hooks in fly shops, with the main differences being that the packages were bigger and the price tags were smaller. I understand that not all marabou or craft hair is created equal. Given my unrefined tying skills, though, the craft store stuff should work just fine, and I'm eager to start tying.

Considering the fact that it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow and spit a mix of rain and snow the next day, I might be trying out the new fur and feathers really soon. And then soon after, I hope to introduce some trout to a few buggy new creations.

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