Friday, November 8, 2013

One-and-Done Trout Runs

The trout acted funny today. They bit readily in many different pockets and pools, but in virtually every case, once my friend or I caught a fish from a run, the trout in that spot were done and acted totally disinterested in eating. And it didn't seem to matter if it was a little pocket that looked like it should only hold one fish or a big deep pool with a dozen or more fish holding together.

It also didn't seem to be a matter of catching fish that reacted or spooking them on the first cast or two. On several occasions one of us had hits on a few consecutive casts to a spot before finally hooking and catching a fish, and then once again, they would be done. Fortunately, the stream we fished is an endless-seeming progression of good runs, so we still caught at least 30 trout today. It was fun and productive day of fishing. The trout just acted kind of funny.

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