Monday, November 11, 2013

Full Force Flannel Season

Looking at photos from my last few days in the creek, I can barely tell one day from another. It hasn't been intentional, but it seems that with the cool mornings that are the norm this time of year I've repeatedly reached for the same shirt. Freshly delivered from Duluth Trading Company, I suppose my new plaid flannel has just stood out as the best shirt to wear when I've open the closet. I like the classic look for photos, which is an important consideration because any time I have a fishing rod in my hand I'm thinking about gathering materials for stories. Beyond that, it's warm, soft and comfortable and therefore well suited for the any fall fishing trip, and the pockets are just big enough to hold the little lure boxes that I like to have handy when I'm trout fishing.

When cool turns to legitimately cold (as it looks like it will for a couple of days this week), I'll switch to wool or fleece, at least for stream fishing, because wet cotton cuffs and really cold temperatures are not a good combination. As long as it's fallish and cool, though, I suspect I'll keep reaching for the flannel because it does the job mighty nicely.

I actually grabbed the same flannel shirt again fishing this morning, but those photos won't look like the ones from the trout outing because I was out in johnboat fishing for bluegills and bass.

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