Friday, November 29, 2013

Shopping for Bass

No amazing deals on the pond today, and the  fish didn't even bite especially well. We managed a few, though, and with or without them, I'd have sure rather been out in the johnboat than near any malls on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We fished the same pond as a couple of days ago, with a friend and me in his boat and Nathaniel and Asher in Nathaniel's boat. While the wind wasn't howling like it did on Tuesday and the water had gone down some, it was still quite muddy. Even black or chartreuse baits disappeared less than a foot beneath the surface.

The two fish I caught both hit a spinnerbait with gold Colorado blades that sent out a fair amount of flash and thump. Both were tight to the bank, and I'm guessing I pretty much landed the bait on their heads. Nathaniel also caught one bass on a flashy metallic-colored jerkbait, fishing it really slowly and hooked and lost one other (the biggest of the morning, of course) on the same bait and presentation.

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