Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jig Tying Allure

"Can I make a bait, Dad?" My 7-year-old artist daughter Autumn keeps asking. I haven't let her loose with the vice and thread yet, but I did show her a bit of what I know (which isn't a lot) as we built the jig above together. She picked the materials and told me where she wanted them to go. I just cut, pinched, wrapped and tied a few knots.

I understand the appeal. Ever since I brought the vice up form the basement I've had a hard time walking past it without adding some fur or feathers to a hook, and when I'm not tying a bug, I'm often thinking about designs, materials I'd like to have and places I'd like to try some of the jigs I have tied. I've even been thinking about ice jig patterns.

"That look like good jig material," I said the other day, eying some sort of shiny household product. At the moment I don't remember what it was.

"Everything looks like jig material to you right now," Nathaniel pointed out, and I can't deny that he's right. And once I let Autumn starts tying jigs, I'll bet she starts seeing everything around the house the same way!

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