Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Trout Stream Factor

"I REALLY like trout fishing!" Asher told me at least three times during the couple of hours we spent together in a creek last week. Asher has fished quite a bit for a 9-year-old, mostly in ponds for bluegills and bass, and in truth he really likes all kinds of fishing. Trout fishing seems to take the like factor to an even higher level, though, and I think that has to do with where trout live.
He actually only caught one fish (a pretty brook trout) on that outing. I added one rainbow and a tiny chub. And the only other time Asher fished for trout, which he also absolutely loved, I caught a  couple of small fish and he didn't catch anything. So it isn't all about catching fish.
Asher likes wading in the creek, climbing over rocks, crawling under bushes, and picking out the best casts for each run based on current lines, eddies, depth, cover and more. He likes the setting and the nature of the fishing. On our recent outing, he also really liked being able to see fish, some of which would follow bait or even swipe at it.
I understand those appeals because they are many of the same reasons that I REALLY like fishing for trout. If you read this blog often, you know that I'm a huge time fan of all kinds of fishing, and that I like catching everything that swims. Trout have a unique appeal, though, and I think it  is mostly because of where they live.

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