Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bama Bass, Come Monday

All the big bass pictures I've been seeing and sometimes sharing on my facebook fishing page have me really looking forward to a few days of fishing the Tennessee River next week. Plans include a day on Wheeler and/or Wilson and a couple of days on Guntersville.

Word is that the bite has been very good of late, with YUMbrella Rigs, Boo Rigs, jerkbaits and jigs all producing good action. Along with fishing a couple of different lakes, I'll be fishing with five different pros in three days, and I suspect that each will fish a little differently, so I'm guessing I'll get to try several different things.

I actually might sneak out to the Wheeler tailwater on Sunday, after driving to Alabama, and do a little fishing on my own from the rocks, just to mix it up a little and get a headstart on things. That depends a bit on weather. As of now, the forecast is calling for significant rain on Sunday, and if it's coming down hard, I might just settle in and wait to fish from a boat on Monday morning. On Monday, I get to fish with Jimmy Mason. Jimmy guides full time on the Tennessee River, so he's out there every day and pretty well always has the fish dialed in.

The weather appears it will make a cold turn this weekend. High around there today was supposed to hit 72 degrees. Tuesday temps are supposed to top out in the mid-30s. That's part of making fishing plans during the winter, though, and what warm clothes were made for. I'm glad I'll be out on the lake to get cold instead of sitting at my desk.

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