Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Dressed Up & No Place to Go

Photo by Nathaniel Samsel

I guess it was a foolish notion, but when I finished a project with only a bit of afternoon remaining, Nathaniel and I started looking at the snow and thinking how pretty the pond would be. If we could get even a fish or two to take a vertical presentation during the final hour of daylight, it would be well worth the quick trip. In fact, it would be fun and the photos would be nice even if the fish wouldn't bite.

So Nathaniel gathered junk while I wrapped up work stuff and turned on the truck so it could begin to warm, and then we began piling on layers. My outer layer was waterproof so the snow wouldn't get me wet, and I had GoPros and my waterproof point-and-shoot in my pocket, gloves on my hands and a beanie on my head. All seemed perfect.

Perfect, that is, until I tried to back out and made my tires spin a faster than the truck was going backward. Turned out there was more ice under the snow than I expected. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten out, had I persisted, but I decided pretty quickly that if I was sliding that much in front of the house I probably shouldn't test four miles of road to go somewhere I didn't really need to go. Not even to go fishing.

Given reports I've heard from all over the South, I sort of think it was the right call. That was yesterday afternoon. This morning I resolved to just stay home and write fish stories today. Roads will thaw eventually, and there's nowhere I really need to go.

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