Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hooting & Hollering

"I'd be hooting & hollering right now," Lisa Snuggs said to TJ Stallings as the two of them watched me stoically battle a bruiser bass.

"He's just concentrating," TJ answered," knowing a big grin would emerge as soon as the bass was in hand.

With the bass hooked on 8-pound-test in a lake filled with weeds and wood cover, I suspect I did look pretty serious. Time was running short to land a pretty picture fish. Noxubee Lodge, which is located in Alabama's Black Belt region, has eight lakes, each unique and all loaded with jumbo largemouths, but the coldest temperatures of winter and strong winds had made the fish pretty fussy, and we were down to our final hour of fishing time.

Thankfully, the bass was well hooked, the line held strong, and TJ did a nice job hand landing the fish. Whether I hooted or hollered once the bass was in the boat, I'm not certain (although I'm pretty sure Lisa did). I do know TJ didn't have to tell me to smile when he took the pictures.

Despite the tough conditions, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to spend a little time on a couple of the fine lakes at Noxubee Lodge. Having seen so many photos of double-digit weight fish and having heard tales of fish blasting through the pads to attack frogs and buzzbaits, I'm to visit again when it's a little warmer to do some serious hooting & hollering!

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