Sunday, January 26, 2014

Final-Hour Bass

The kind of cold that virtually does not happen in South Alabama has made the fish a little fussy over the last couple of days, and a full slate of activities has limited time on the water. Nevertheless, one heavyweight largemouth decided to eat yesterday afternoon with less than an hour left in our fishing time. We guessed that she weighed about 6 pounds.

The fish were among lily pad stems and a fair amount of wood cover, so a I rigged a small swimbait weightless on a Daiichi Copperhead hook, added a light bullet weight and fished the rig slowly along the bottom. I suppose because of the cold, none of the fish we caught thumped the bait even somewhat decisively. They all were just suddenly there, swimming slowly with the bait.

On to another lake today. Different property but still within Alabama's Black Belt Region. It's supposed to get warmer, and yesterday was much warmer than two days ago. I wonder how the fish will bite!

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