Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bass-Style Slab Crappie Fun

TJ Stallings with a Rollin' Runner slab.
I thought I was casting for bass when I picked up my baitcaster and made a long cast with a 4-inch swimbait on a Road Runner Rollin' Runner head and began swimming it slowly along the bottom. After all, the same combo produced great bass results yesterday at Noxubee Lodge. Even after I caught my first crappie, an easy 2-pound fish, I figured that was the oddball in the group. Nope. Not even close. In fact, TJ Stallings and I put a bunch of crappie in the box, and only one was small, and all except a couple of the fish hit our big swimbait rigs. In case you've ever wondered, catching 2-pound-plus crappie on bass tackle is really, really fun!

We also managed to land a handful of bass, including one really good one. I caught one largemouth that we estimated to weigh 7 pounds. It's funny, though, because even that big a bass was absolutely trumped by the jumbo crappie, their hard fights and the gear we were using to catch them.

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