Friday, January 10, 2014

First Fish of '14, Come Monday?

Well, it seems likely now that my first fish of 2014 will come up through a hole in the Pennsylvania ice. I fly to Erie on Sunday for three days of fishing with FLW Tour pro and Ice Force team member Dave Lefebre.

 Even a couple of days ago, plans seemed a little iffy due to weird winter weather. However, enough cold during that last hard snap seemingly penetrated the snow for some pretty good ice to form on several lakes, and the weekend warming trend looks less severe than had been forecast. I'm not sure whether we'll end up fishing ponds or lakes, but it does appear we'll have some good options next week.

So what will that first fish be? Could very well be a bluegill, crappie or largemouth bass, just like I'd catch from a local pond, or it could be a yellow perch, walleye or something else that has a more northerly flavor. Hopefully, this year's list will be at least a few lines long by next Thursday, when I return home.

I do still have two full days in Georgia before I drive to Atlanta early Sunday for my fight to Erie, but it's unlikely I'll do any fishing around home today or tomorrow. A few things work against such a notion. First, it's supposed to be pretty rainy. That alone wouldn't keep me home because rainy days and brown trout go together nicely. Bigger factors are the fish stories that need to be written and the stuff I need to do to get ready for travel. Gathering and packing gear to keep me warm and to help me catch fish and doing stuff like clearing memory cards and charging batteries need to be bigger priorities than catching a bluegill from a pond near home.

Come Monday, I'll be fishing.

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