Sunday, January 12, 2014

Travel Slippers

Every time I travel to ice fish I debate the same question. Add about 6 pounds and a bunch of bulk to a duffel that's already overstuffed and heavy or wear my clunky sub-zero-rated boots for five days, through travel and all?  As usual, I chose the latter, so I'm sporting the ice boots in the Atlanta airport.

I actually pack light compared to most other folks on many trips I go on, but unless you borrow all the junk you need at the other end, there is no such thing as packing light for an ice trip. My ice suit, on its own, probably has more weight and mass than all my clothes for some summer trips. Add the layers that go beneath, plus gloves,
beanie and facemask, and the bag is fairly bulky without packing anything to wear off the ice or changes of clothes. It's not a terrible thing. Just a way ice travel is different from most other travel I do.

Bags aside, I'm excited about prospects of getting out on the ice this week. The jury remains out about how many options we'll have. It was way too warm in Pennsylvania yesterday. I trust we'll figure out something, though. Actually, I trust that Dave Lefebre will figure out something. I'm a clueless follower on this trip.

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