Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tough to Quit

Jeff Sundin was right. It's far better to have to quit fishing when you really don't want to than to endure the end of a day when you are eager to be done. Still, pulling big 'gills from little holes in the ice is just so fun that I had a hard time resolving to reel my jig up once and for all. The sun was sinking, though, and the day's work was done, so I bid the ice, the crappie and the bluegills farewell.

We actually spent the first half of today on a little trout lake. The trout were fairly evasive, but it was
a fun morning outing on a beautiful walk-in lake, and Jon Thelen did manage one really pretty rainbow, which attacked a Lindy Slick Jig/Watsit Grub combination. From Jon's report, it fought like a very angry fish and felt like it was even bigger than it was. I hope to give Minnesota trout lakes another try some time.

Homeward bound tomorrow. Word has it we got a lot of snow at home (Georgia), so I'm hopeful my flight is on time and that the roads from the airport all the way to my house, 90 miles to the north, are cleared by the time I'm ready to get on them.

I look forward to my next ice adventure, whenever that turns out to be. More likely than not, it'll be next season. You never know, though!

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