Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Speices Number 9

With apologies to anyone who has visited this spot on the web and found the same thing on top that had been there a couple of days, travel and deadlines got the best of me for a few days, and my blog has been too quiet. During travel, computer access was an issue, but I can't claim that about this week.

That noted, my most recent travels produced fish species number 9 for 2014: a brown trout. Looking at the list to date, I've caught at least one new kind of fish each month this year, and four states have contributed to the new species list. Interestingly, my home state of Georgia is not yet listed. I've caught a few fish in Georgia, but they were species I'd already caught somewhere else.

I wonder what species will be next? My best guess would be a brook trout or a white crappie, but that's not based on any specific plan, and I really don't know. Smallmouths should come by late April, but I'm guessing I catch another fish kind or two between now and then.

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