Thursday, March 20, 2014


Word has it spring sprang early this afternoon. While my friends to the north remain unconvinced, (something about a foot and a half of ice makes it seem less springy, I hear), we're enjoying perfect weather in North Georgia today, and it feels like the first day of spring. Mid 60s, I'd guess, sunny, and with a slight breeze. Truly the only thing that's not good about today's weather is that I probably won't have the opportunity to get out in it and go fishing.

Our winter has been cold, as yours most likely has, no matter where you are reading this, so our flowers and fish behavior and such clearly are behind where they'd normally be. It doesn't look as springy outside as it should in mid March, and it I could go to the ponds, I'd probably need to fish more slowly than would feel right. The forecast looked good last I peeked at it, though, and it won't take much weather like today's to make it seem like spring in every way.

I sure do wonder what the fish are doing on the pond today!

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