Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Back to back warm, sunny days made it seem almost certain that the pond fish would bite well today. Nathaniel wanted a ride to the beaver ponds so he could catch some bass and hopefully get some cool GoPro footage. I decided to take him, ride along for one quick lap and then leave him with the fish, and was fairly certain I'd get enough photos to justify time away from the computer.


Not only did we not catch fish at the beaver pond, we only got one hit, and we didn't visibly spook any fish. As shallow as most of that pond is, not spooking them basically means that we weren't around them. We really don't know where they were.

Because the beaver pond was extra low again, we moved Nathaniel's johnboat to the other pond, which is deeper, and while we were there, we figured we ought to give it a quick try. One lap. Still no fish. We each had a couple of hits, at least, and the fish do have more room to hide in that pond. Still, it's April 1 an 70 degrees, so no fish, even in a quick lap, is somewhat baffling.

For some reason, Nathaniel returned home with me instead of hanging around all afternoon.

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