Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cloudy Day Yield

Since a recent warm sunny day produced almost no pond action, Nathaniel and I decided to test a cool, dark, windy day. We made a couple of quick laps around the upper pond and walked down to the smaller middle pond, just to see who was home. While I wouldn't say we whacked 'em, we did catch six or seven bluegills and bass in a fairly short outing.

The 'gills were in the upper pond. The better bass (which still weren't more than a pound) came from the middle pond. I caught all my fish on either a Road Runner Marabou Pro 2.0 or a smaller pink and white Ugly Bug that I tied on a white Road Runner head.

I sort of wanted to try a trout stream, but I was unsure of when the rain might set in (which it still has not), and I prefer weekdays for public streams, if I have the choice. Maybe one day this week, but I suppose that will depend on just how much rain we get.

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