Monday, May 19, 2014

Feathers for Holly& Me

"Pretty!" Holly said, as soon as I pulled brown my new orange marabou boa from the Walmart bag. That much we agreed on. I'd eyed the same strings of feathers a few times previously, thinking about the crawdad jigs they could become, and had finally decided to bring one home and put it to use.

Holly seemingly saw a different beauty in the feathers, though, because she immediately removed my new purchase from my hands, wrapped it around her neck and repeated, "Pretty!" Again, I could only agree.

I figure we can both enjoy the boa for now. I can trim feathers as needed to tie crawfish pattern Ugly Bugs, and she wants to throw the soft feathers over her shoulders and parade around in pretty colors, there will be plenty of feathers left to enjoy for quite some time.

Of course, when the boa does get sparse, I can always go search out another one. I wonder if Holly would think black or olive feathers were pretty?

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