Thursday, May 15, 2014

Office Walls

Last week my office consisted of the Niagara river and the two Great Lakes that it connects, and the closest thing I had to walls around me were the walls of historic Fort Niagara at the mouth of the Niagara River.

I've spent most of this week in an office -- and not even my comfortable home office (which looks suspiciously like the living room couch). This week I've been in a real office, buried in a freelance editing project.

That's also why this blog has been way quieter than I ever l want it to be. I don't like for a day to pass without posting something new, but I've simply been running out of hours this week.

Although I've been inside, my thoughts have strayed a lot because of various planning emails related to next month's travels, which will take me to Deadwood, South Dakota, back to Sturgeon Bay, and finally to El Salto Lake in Mexico.

Lots to look forward to. I guess I'd better get my editing done!

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