Monday, August 11, 2014

Cool & Misty Columbia?

Word from the water is that yesterday's high in Lake Murray Country never broke out of the 70s and that it was misty and almost cool feeling. Having spent a couple of summers in Columbia, which were hotter than most summers in Florida when I was growing up, that's kind of hard for me to imagine in mid-August. Seems it's true, though.

Apparently the water temperature has dropped about 5 or 6 degrees since the end of the allowable pre-practice time for the Forrest Wood Cup a couple of weeks ago, and the shallow and deep bites have picked up. How that will translate to tournament days, which are still a few days way and are supposed to be sunny and hot, no one knows for sure. With conditions projected to change so much between now and the tournament, David Dudley calls the fish he is catching now "liars," which have the potential to confuse matters more than they teach.

One more day of practice, and I should be in Columbia before it is over. I'm driving down tomorrow and plan to arrive in time to drive around a bit and talk to the pros during media day and will be reporting what I learn on FLW's Forrest Wood Cup page, where plenty of written and video updates are already being posted.

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