Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cool Factor Caution

I can tell after only one evening on the water that I'm going to like my new Fujifilm camera a lot, and I'm confident it has outstanding potential for most of my professional needs. I can also see that I'm going to have to be at least a little bit careful to not get distracted by the "cool" stuff it does. Otherwise, I'm going to come home from a trip, load my pictures, briefly be wowed by some special effects image, and then regret that I hadn't shot the same scene in a straight mode while I had the opportunity.

Some of the effects and modes I liked best from my first evening's experiment are only a twist of a dial from the full auto mode, so shooting things in different ways should be that hard. I just can't get distracted by the unique stuff and forget to take the straight images.

Of course, I only scratched the surface of the camera's potential in a single evening, so I'll be in a major learning mode for quite a while and will be experimenting with scene settings under many different conditions. It's a fun sort of education, though, with a really pretty classroom.

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