Sunday, September 21, 2014

Go-Cart Fueled for Tennessee

I'm Tennessee bound tomorrow, and the Fiesta is fueled up, loaded with junk and ready for travel. Best I can tell, I have cameras ready and the right stuff packed, but I suppose I'll figure out what I've forgotten as needs occur. (That's the way it normally work.)

Primary trip focus is on bass and crappie on Lake Chickamauga with pros staffers from Lew's and Gene Larew. I'm excited about that both because of the great crew that will be assembled and because I haven't fished Chickamauga since the bass fishing got so good. The biggest bass bags mostly come during winter and spring, but the potential for a giant bass still exists.

There's also some really good stream fishing in that part of Tennessee, so I have ultralights packed and hope to do a little fishing along the way tomorrow and then again after the official trip stuff is done. Trout, smallmouths and rock bass could all be part of the pre- and post-trip fishing play.

For now I'd better sleep. Fish await!

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