Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bugs Awaiting Making

A big part of me really wishes I'd brought my tying vice on this rip. Punisher Craft Hair has a tremendous amount of movement in the water, and I believe some of the colors I picked up on my trip will make really pretty and productive Ugly Bugs. I'm eager to put the new hair to work, at the vice and in the creek.

But then again, maybe it's just as well that the vice stayed home. I'm getting done writing that really needs to get done as I stage between the Dale Hollow and Rend Lake parts of my trip, and having the vice and all that pretty craft hair could create a serious distraction. Plus, when I do tote the vice, I only bring a sample of other materials, and if I got to tying, I'd probably find myself wishing I had a certain color of feather or package of dubbing for the bug I found myself wanting to make.

Doesn't matter. Vice isn't here. I can only envision now and go to work on new Ugly Bugs once I'm home again.

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