Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dale Hollow Night Play

FLW Tour Pro Scott Canterbury shows off an
after-hours Dale Hollow smallmouth.
Photo days on writer trips are mighty full for pros, but that didn't keep FLW Tour pro Scott Canterbury from want to slip out after dinner for at least a little bit of Dale Hollow night fishing. Canterbury does a lot of after-hours fishing around home, and the first half of November is one of his favorite time periods for night fishing.

Stephen Headrick of Punisher Lures agrees, so when he heard that Canterbury was going out, he jumped on the chance to ride along. Of course, if anyone is going fishing, pretty much any time, and I can go along, I do. Plus, I wanted to see the Punisher Lures Cast & Glo Super Light, which Canterbury had been telling me about, and to feel the thumping blades of Punisher's Flame Nighttime Spinnerbait. Fellow writer Brad Wiegmann also joined the night party, but with camera only in hand.

We probably only fished a little more than an hour, and we only caught a couple of smallmouths, but I'd have to say that was my favorite hour of the Dale Hollow visit. There's something about getting out in the quiet darkness and fishing by feel that I simply enjoy. I lack the equipment and the knowledge required to get really amazing night photos, but I got some photos that would help illustrate a night-fishing story, so I was also getting work done while we played!

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