Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Double Slam Finisher

The brown trout I'd just landed was neither strikingly colorful nor large. It was a definite stocker, and had no noteworthy traits like a hooked jaw. Still, I had to get a quick picture before I let it go. It was my first brown trout of the day and completed my species slam. Asher had already caught all three species, so with that fish he and I had managed a double slam of the trout species available in that section of river.

Some fish are noteworthy because of their size or something distinctive about their markings. In other cases it's a an especially hard strike, a challenging fight in current (had a couple of those on the same day!) or something else about the catch. At times, a fish is noteworthy because it's the only one caught in a day. Occasionally, as was the case with this fish, a fish stands out based on little more than the species it happens to be.

They're all fun to catch, from my perspective anyway. Some just stand out for one reason or another. I wonder which fish will stand out the most this summer when Asher I head west on the Rebel Trout Trek!

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