Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Georgia Trout Opener

Limit catches will be plentiful this weekend in North Georgia. Trout season opens Saturday morning, and you can count on streams being well stocked. Georgia trout fishermen don't have to quit fishing through the winter. Many of the state's trout waters stay open year round. In fact, some of the state's best opportunities occur during the cold months. Many streams are designated as seasonal, though, closing in November and reopening the last Saturday in March.

That's this Saturday, and they officially open 1/2 hour before sunrise.

Many of Georgia's most popular stocked streams are seasonal, so opening day is heavily anticipated by many fishermen. Popular streams will be crowded on Saturday, but it is one day that most folks don't seem to mind the crowds. It's part of the tradition, and many anglers likely share their favorite opening day stream with many of the same fishermen year after year. Tradition often also includes camping or staying in cabin in the mountains and/or cooking up a fresh limit of trout on Saturday night.

Whether trout are kept for dinner or released for someone else to catch, the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division will make sure there are plenty of fish in the rivers. Hatchery workers have been busy all week stocking streams all over the northern third of the state to make certain they are ready for opening day. Of course, fish are still fish, and you still have to get them to bite. They'll be there, though!

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