Monday, April 20, 2015

Lake Powell Bound

Long day of travel today, but with quite the final destination. This week I'll be fishing Lake Powell, a canyon lake along the Colorado River that is just upstream of the Grand Canyon and has similar topography. From the photos I've seen, the scenery is spectacular and unlike any other lake I've ever fished.

I left home dark and early to drive a couple of hours to the Atlanta airport. A little after 9:00 I hopped on a plane to fly to Phoenix. That was a four-hour flight and the biggest part of the journey. At the moment I'm hanging out in in the Phoenix airport. I'll hop on a prop plane in a few hours to make a short flight north to Page, Arizona, probably with most of the rest of the group on the trip, and from there we'll ride in some sort of shuttle to the lake.

Upon arriving at Lake Powell Resorts, though, we still have one more ride to take before we're fully there. We should be able to settle as we ride, though, I suppose, because we are staying on houseboats somewhere out on the lake. Of course, I might not care about setting in at that point. I'll likely want to be on the front deck taking in the scenery and taking photos!

No wifi, from what I understand, so I'll be limited to phone posts. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to keep this page and my Jeff Samsel Fishing Facebook page updated.

Stay tuned!

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