Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spectacular Lake Powell

Sitting at the boat dock at Lake Powell Marina. Just returned by houseboat from 30 miles up the lake, where I've spent the past few days with a great crew from St. Croix Rod and several other writers.

No ATT service where we were, or I would have posted along the way, although in truth, it's a pretty tough task to even begin to convey how how cool the setting was, with half a dozen deluxe houseboats beached beneath canyon walls. Fishing
days started by stepping off the houseboats, into bass boats. Days ended with big meals and time around a big campfire.

Fishing action was fast, sometimes furious, with smallmouth bass being the main attraction, and in truth exploring the lake would have been worth it on its own if we hadn't caught a fish. I'll talk more about those things in future posts, though.
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